BYOFF is now a travelling festival as well, going wherever BYOFFIANS take it!

Destination One was the sacred Niyamgiri hills, abode of the First People, where BYOFFIANS screened films in several villages (March 2018).

Now, Destination Two is Dehradun, 27-29 April 2018, The Orchard, Near Vivekanand School, Haridwar Road, Dehradun. No rules. No Jury. No Selection. Just bring your own film.



The 15th edition of BYOFF was held from 21 -25 Feb at Hotel Pinko House, Puri.

Yet another edition of the Bring Your Own film Festival was successfully held like every year from 21-25 Feb at Hotel Pink House, Puri. Like always there were no rules, no regulations, no selection, no jury and no hierarchy. The festival bega

n with an ode to Late Surya Pratap, one of the founding members of BYOFF who passed away last year.

Thirty five films were screened at the festival including one that was made during the festival and several international submissions. Several first filmmakers including a school student got a platform to showcase their work alongside veterans. Filmmakers travelled from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Sambalpur, and other parts to participate in BYOFF. Some participants were from Russia, Austria and other countries. Workshops on filmmaking and screenwriting were held and the festival saw the participation of dozens of students from film schools and media institutes of Odisha.

BYOFF strives to remain an independent and democratic film festival, and this year we once again proved that its possible to organise self sustainable events like BYOFF sans corporate sponsorship and state patronage. It was sheer collective effort and community spirit that got us sailing this year and will continue to do so. BYOFF does not promote VIP culture and believes in absolute equality of one and all beyond success, wealth, race, caste, creed, gender, etc.

Special thanks to the journalists of Puri who provided extensive coverage to our festival, carrying photo features, film reviews, interviews, etc. on a daily basis during the course of the festival. There was some reservation about the hike in registration and film submission fees from old BYOFFians but evidently without the hike it would have not been possible to meet the expenses that have also inflated since last year. Even then we are keen to make it a completely free affair someday soon and once we meet our fundraiser target.

Kindly contribute at so that we can keep doing many more BYOFFs!

Films at BYOFF 2018 : Title/Director/ Language (Country)

1 Anaa /Asal Gharib/ Persian (Iran)
2 Move On /Ruby Sant /English/Hindi
3 The Stapler /Harshit Saxena /English/Hindi
4 Aborto- An infinity /Areen Basak/ Kolkotha Bengali
5 Farchha /Sisir Kr. Sahu/ Odiya
6 Extraordinary Stories (Part 1) /Mariano Llinas/ Spanish (Argentina)
7 Illusion Bound/ Jagadish Metla/ English/Hindi
8 Blank /Soham Sannamata /Musical
9 Project Cinema Shiro /Albert Allgaier (Presenter) /Japanese/German (Japan-Austria)
10 Saat Kahan / Kolkata Diary(Promo)/ Balai Biswas /Bengali
11 Fall of green /Ranjeet Solanki/ English
12 Supergirl /Ranajit Mohanty /Odiya
13 The Door /Ranajit Mohanty /Silent
14 Tunnel /Ranajit Mohanty /Hindi
15 Saat Kahan – Kolkata Diary/ Balai Biswas /Bengali/ English
16 Naina /Shiva Kr. Reddy/ Hindi
17 Abasan /Srikant Maharana /Odiya
18 Ines, Memories of life /Luisa Sossa / Spanish (Colombia)
19 Niyamgiri: The mountain of law/ Surya Shankar /Odiya/ Kui
20 In his shoes /Agnieszka Rudnica/ Polish/Arabic (Poland/UAE)
21 Jana Aranya /Raghu Raghav /Silent/Musical
22 Code Name /Anindya Bikas Datta/ Bengali
23 Rasabhisaara /Ambuja Satpathi/ Odiya
24 Aakhri Pehlu /Rajkishore Mahapatra/ Hindi
25 I have a dream /Ashutosh Pattanaik/ Silent/Musical
26 Doodh /Gaurav Puri /Hindi/English
27 In the shade of Fallen Chinar/ Drokpa Film Collective/ English (Kashmir)
28 Something like an autobiography/ Surya Shankar Dash/Oriya/Odisha
29 Raman Raghav Sriram Raghavan Hindi
30 Nirupaya/Sagar Swain /Odiya
31 Ghosted/Neville Pierce/English
32 Lock in/Neville Pierce/English
33 Ocean of Tears/ Bilal A Jaan/ Kashmiri (Kashmir)
34 Bricks Neville Pierce English
35 Sand Girl by Students of Bpftio-Oriya
36 Dogma / Ankit Bidyadhar / Odiya/Odisha

SAND GIRL – A film BPFTIO Students Batch 2018 that emerged from the 15th BYOFF.


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The 15th edition of BYOFF – is all set to roll from the 21st to the 25th of February, 2018

at Hotel Pink House, CT Road, Puri, Odisha.

Yes, the same dates and the same place.

But hold on… what is not same is


a Puri Heritage Photo Walk by GrassRoutes,

a Children’s Film Fest in the schools of Puri,

and like last year

the Make Your Own Film initiative!!

Hurry and Register for the Worksop, Photography walk and Make Your Own Film initiative ASAP…

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14th BYOFF has come to an end.

This year we saw 53 films by 28 filmmakers from Puri, Bhubaneshwar, Sambalpur, Cuttack, Calcutta, Delhi, Bangalore, Dhaka and Berlin.

The MasterClass by Sourav Sarangi was a success. Three shorts were conceived, produced and screened by the students of BPFTI.

We also ran a successful pilot of Make Your Own First Film. A Byoffian experienced in the art of cinema assists a first time film maker make a short film. The film made this year will soon be shared with you all.

15th BYOFF is from 21st to 25th February, 2018.

Please connect with us on Facebook. We will be in touch.



We look forward to your presence at the Fourteenth Edition of BYOFF – Bring Your Own Film Festival

from 21 -25 February, 2017

Hotel Pink House, Puri

Starts  : Tuesday, February 21, 2017                     Ends  : Sunday, February 25, 2017

Just bring your films along and submit them at the venue, when you reach there. Anyone is welcome to land up at any time and schedule his or her film according to the time available in the schedule on a first come first served basis.

Don’t miss! Master Class by Sourav Sarangi

Everyone who participates at BYOFF in any capacity is encouraged to volunteer in the organisation, since this is a non profit event cobbled together by a bunch of creative people… so all your technical and creative skills can be put to great use… please let us know what you would like to do!

Welcome to BYOFF 2017


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