BYOFF 2009
Karan Mallik Thoughts English MPEG 2 4.30 mns 2009
Sambhunath Khuntia Day Light (The future of tomorrow) English DVD 7 mns 2009 This Film based on slam area children. It is just a reflection their life style and struggle in darkness
Abhilash Das Pratyasa English DVD 2 mns 2009
Ghasiram Panda The God of Forest English DVD 5.6 mns 2009 It is film on the traditional and cultural with forest and also about the modern triend in forest protection in orissa
Jaydeep Sengupta The Ref Roach English DVD 3 mns 2009 A film that delves in the psychology of fear of a man and how are overcomes it.
Debanjan Brahma The Practitioner English DVD 19 mns 2008 In a world that has so many choices available one often finds himself at a loss and ends up practicing consumerism or being a consumer
Saroj Sahu Back to Childhood English CD 18.34 sec 2006 Its about a tribal girls life & acheivements
Manasi Pingle School of Life Marathi DVD 27.38 mns 2008 This is the story of (Jeevan Shalas)primary schools begun & run by the adivanis & people’s movement of the Narmada Vallay, in the face of non functional government schools.
Sabir Bux Wonder DVD 5 mns 2009 A under water music video
Jayanta Shaur Journey of Colours English DVD 14.30 mns 2008 This is a Film that tree the bleaslug burst of colours offend by the season of springs
Arunava Ganguly Lenin a short Biography Bengali/English DVD 26.53 mns 2008 A Biographical sketch on lenin(1870-1924)
Devika Dave Tarapha Hindi DVD 13.50 sec 2008 It is an experimental documentary film about the community of hight boys working on a telivision set. It is about the work they do and them as everyday normal people.
Bharati Bahrani Tumse Milke English DVD 21 mns 2008 Bollywood is phenomenor that you can either love or hate, but you can not deny its existence my films looks at the efffect Bolywood has on people through the story if a girl -Meera
Shupriyo Maitra Let’s have Coffee English DVD 13 mns 2008 It is a ilm about an introvent who friends a mystry girl on the chat service
Ajay Kumar Sgroff Hatibari Health Home English CD 17 mns 2008 This Film is meant for the cure & rehabilitation of leporsy patients with its integated approach & interventions, biswa has creaed livelihood for such inmates & has brought then to the mainstream to lead a deginified life.
Joseph Pieters The Free Hug Campaign DVD 7.30 mns 2009 People go out on the street with a sign ‘Free Hug”. Offering a embracement for who ever who wants. A simple way of sharing
Joseph Pieters Me and India, India and Me English DVD 45 mns 2009 Journey through India
Suman Majumder Charlie in Calcutta Bengali DVD 5 mns 2006 This Film is a story of a man who dressed like chaplin and entertain people
Bimen Senapati Save Water DVD 3.15 sec 2008
Balai Biswas BudhhuRam Bengali DVD 43 mns 2009
Amit Debnath Bishar Blues Bengali & English DVD 80 mns 2006
M. Banarjee Tetrascope Quatret VCD 10 mns 2004
Bidhu Bhushan Bedena , Our earth Odiya, English DVD/CD 72 mns / 2.42 sec 2008
Debabrata Bhattacharjee Telephone Bengali DVD 7.30 mns 2008
Debajyoti Batabyal Ek Roz Har Roz Hindi DVD 13.20 mns 2008
Amrit Amlan Pattanaik Aaj Khelne Do English/Hindi PAL, DVD 28 mns 2007
Dhrubaa Ghosh Mix Multi CD 10 mns 2006
Mehul Bhanti Unchained Melody Hindi DVD 18.13 mns 2008 This is a documentary film on Mangariyars, folk musisuans of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. This traditional is passed down generations.
Akash Pani Selected Collection Bengali Mini DV 20 mns 2008
Sounava Bose Holud Pora Bengali DVD 29 mns 2009
Sajev Anthikad Mystery Hunter English DVD 80 mns 2008
Girishk Mystery Hunter English DVD 80 mns 2008
Maugulai Mystery Hunter English DVD 80 mns 2008
Sharmy Pandey OCO Tumi Je Aamar Bengali DVCAM 75 mns 2008
Keren Abitan Tuth Hebrew DVD 56 mns 2008
Siddharth Diwan 21.12.2012 English DV Pal-DVD 9.30 mns 2008 Time is post world war-3
Angshuman Barkakoty Reverse Angle, Lal Batti English, Hindi DV PAL 5 mns, 3mns 2007, 2008

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