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Bring Your Own Film Festival has been running on the stubborn zeal of cinema lovers for the past 14 years.

With the rise in digital film consumption, truly independent spaces for film screening, viewing, appreciation and collaboration have lessened. BYOFF is an attempt at community film viewing revival peppered  with a dream of seeing creative collaborations.

As a nomad traveling to art spaces, I stumbled upon BYOFF in 2014. It has been a regular pilgrimage ever since. The people, the beach, the pink house and the films have been spectacular, surprising and even disappointing at times; a full circle of emotions packed in a 5 day festival.

Increasing costs and decreasing interest from cinema creators has made BYOFF struggle for its existence. But as all struggles go, this one promises to strengthen our resolve in hosting a truly independent film festival sans corporate sponsors and political lobbying.

BYOFF needs your help.

Please help this unique film festival on the beach raise funds for its 15th edition, BYOFF 2018.

The money raised would be used to purchase 1 projector, sponsor 10 film/art students, pay for sound & screen setup, provide filming & editing support for the Masterclass and Make Your First Film (MYOFF) initiatives. Please visit for details about our money spends.

Visits and kindly contribute to make it happen.

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